This creates a BenchmarkResult from a batchtools::ExperimentRegistry. To setup the benchmark have a look at batchmark.

  ids = NULL,
  keep.pred = TRUE,
  keep.extract = FALSE, = getMlrOption(""),
  reg = batchtools::getDefaultRegistry()



(data.frame or integer)
A base::data.frame (or data.table::data.table) with a column named “”. Alternatively, you may also pass a vector of integerish job ids. If not set, defaults to all successfully terminated jobs (return value of batchtools::findDone.


Keep the prediction data in the pred slot of the result object. If you do many experiments (on larger data sets) these objects might unnecessarily increase object size / mem usage, if you do not really need them. The default is set to TRUE.


Keep the extract slot of the result object. When creating a lot of benchmark results with extensive tuning, the resulting R objects can become very large in size. That is why the tuning results stored in the extract slot are removed by default (keep.extract = FALSE). Note that when keep.extract = FALSE you will not be able to conduct analysis in the tuning results.

Print verbose output on console? Default is set via configureMlr.


Registry, created by batchtools::makeExperimentRegistry. If not explicitly passed, uses the last created registry.



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