For your convenience mlr provides pre-defined Task()s for each type of learning problem. These are used throughout this tutorial in order to get shorter and more readable code.

Type Task Description
classif bc.task Wisconsin Breast Cancer classification task.
gunpoint.task Gunpoint functional data classification task.
iris.task Iris classification task.
phoneme.task Phoneme functional data multilabel classification task.
pid.task PimaIndiansDiabetes classification task.
sonar.task Sonar classification task.
spam.task Spam classification task.
spatial.task J. Muenchow’s Ecuador landslide data set
cluster agri.task European Union Agricultural Workforces clustering task.
mtcars.task Motor Trend Car Road Tests clustering task.
costsens costiris.task Iris cost-sensitive classification task.
multilabel yeast.task Yeast multilabel classification task.
regr bh.task Boston Housing regression task.
fuelsubset.task FuelSubset functional data regression task.
surv lung.task NCCTG Lung Cancer survival task.
wpbc.task Wisonsin Prognostic Breast Cancer (WPBC) survival task.