mlr 2.18.0 2020-10-05

  • Many praznik filters are now also able to deal with regression tasks (#2790, @bommert)
  • praznik_MRMR: Remove handling of survival tasks (#2790, @bommert)
  • xgboost: update objective default from reg:linear (deprecated) to reg:squarederror
  • issue a warning if blocking was set in the Task but was not set within `makeResampleDesc() (#2788)
  • Fix order of learners in generateLearningCurveData() (#2768)
  • getFeatureImportance(): Account for feature importance weight of linear xgboost models
  • Fix learner note for learner glmnet (the default of param s did not match the learner note) (#2747)
  • Remove dependency {hrbrthemes} used in createSpatialResamplingPlots(). The package caused issues on R-devel. In addition users should set custom themes by themselves.
  • Explicitly return value in getNestedTuneResultsOptPathDf() (#2754)